Crowdfunding for your nonprofit can be fun

What Is Crowdfunding and How Can It Help Your Nonprofit?

September 20th, 2018 / Kate Hannigan / 0 comments

Maybe you’ve heard of the World’s Best Travel Jacket, made by BauBax. Or you’ve played a heated round of Exploding Kittens with the family during the holidays. Or maybe you’ve been rewatching that Veronica Mars movie. While each of these highly divergent things is interesting in its own way, what ties them together is that […]

How to Use the New YouTube Giving Tool

How ‘YouTube Giving’ Will Make It Easier for Your Nonprofit to Manage Fundraising Campaigns

September 20th, 2018 / Gena Dellett / 0 comments

There is no shortage of places or ways for your nonprofit to ask for support. With YouTube Giving, your options are about to get better. Now digital creatives working for US-registered nonprofits can embed a donate button next to videos. That way viewers can take immediate action and support your cause while they are fresh […]

CiviCRM Cases Management Setup and Workflows

CiviCRM Cases Management: A Powerful Workflow Automation Tool

September 19th, 2018 / Titania Porter / 0 comments

Should you be using CiviCases? Should you be using cases for workflow management, even if your nonprofit is small? And specifically, should you, as a CiviCRM user, be making use of the CiviCase extension to follow through on typical processes in your organization? When it comes to covering your bases in new-client management or in […]

sitting around waiting with arms folded while nonprofits donors get turned off by outdated website

Is Your Nonprofit’s Outdated Website Costing You Donors?

September 6th, 2018 / Kate Hannigan / 0 comments

There’s a saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to the internet and your nonprofit’s website, you have all of 50 milliseconds to make that first impression. An outdated website does more than signal that you’ve been around for a while. It may hurt your organization […]

Woman at Soda Machine - Just Remember Your Donors Aren't Vending Machines

Donors aren’t vending machines—they’re partners in the good work you do

September 5th, 2018 / Kelly Kulp / 0 comments

When is comes to nonprofit fundraising, what is the best way to approach your donors about giving to the mission and vision of your organization? This question has been one that nonprofits have struggled with for decades, searching for the most effective way to generate income for the good work that they do. We don’t […]

Client Planning and Protection

Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Want a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

August 31st, 2018 / Titania Porter / 0 comments

You’ve worked hard to grow your clientele, donor base, and community of supporters. They trust you with their contact information and more. Investing in the long-term security and support of your CiviCRM system is critical to your organization’s success. With a Service Level Agreement with Wanna Pixel, let us worry about the technical details so […]

Fundraising 101: How to Get $67K More from New Donors

Fundraising 101: How to Get $67K More from New Donors

July 5th, 2018 / Gena Dellett / 0 comments

If any organization knows how to ask their base for ongoing support, it’s National Public Radio. No matter the station, you are guaranteed to hear a local NPR staff member or volunteer ask for your “sustaining pledge” of support during a fund drive. And it works! Public Radio Knows All About Stewardship Blackbaud’s Target Analytics […]

New CiviCRM Extension Provides Personalized Links for Emails

Data Maintenance Made Easy: New CiviCRM Extension Provides Personalized Links for Emails

July 3rd, 2018 / Gena Dellett / 0 comments

Americans were already feeling less secure about how their data was being handled before recent data-breach announcements. Writing for Forbes, Nelson Granados argues that Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica crisis “has struck a chord around the world because it signals the potential for social media platforms to abuse their privileged access to user information.” That’s why we’re […]

Nonprofit Fundraising 101: Honing Your Ask

Nonprofit Fundraising 101: Honing Your Ask

July 3rd, 2018 / Kelly Kulp / 0 comments

In all of our work with nonprofits, one challenge that comes up time and time again for our clients is fundraising. It seems there is never enough money to do all the incredible things that are on your nonprofit’s list. We hear your struggle and want to help. Our team of nonprofit experts has put […]

Ceate a Successful Email Campaign

How to Create a Successful Email Campaign Part II: Writing Your Emails

June 29th, 2018 / Mindy Schoeneman / 0 comments

Creating a Connection In Part I, we talked about growing your list by starting with a smart landing page that entices visitors to subscribe. In Part II, we’re going to cover what you should do with those subscribers once you have them. But first, pop quiz time! Are you ready? Only you can provide the […]