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7 Tips To Creating A Successful Year-End Donation Page (Part 1: The Right Content)

October 6th, 2017 / Kelly Kulp / 0 comments

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. The time that your nonprofit starts to prepare for an influx of donations for your year-end giving campaign. We know that this time of year can bring some serious stress on your team, and we wanted to help! One of the most important things to […]

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Treat Your Website Project Like an Investment, not an Expense

September 21st, 2017 / Titania Porter / 0 comments

I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. —Michael Jordan True! But Michael Jordan wouldn’t have become a legendary basketball player if he hadn’t had an idea of what kind of commitment he needed in order to get the results he dreamed of. In the same way, there are […]

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Tips for Creating a Nonprofit Website Part I: Choosing Your Primary Audience

September 11th, 2017 / Marisa Porter / 0 comments

1: Choose one primary audience of your homepage. This might be the most important point in all of our websites for the nonprofits series. Choose one audience, and focus your energy on it. Simplify your home page’s message. Remember, you only have 3 seconds. At first, this seems impossible to our clients. But if you […]


SEO Part IV: Do You Feel Like Google Is Holding Your Website Hostage?

August 22nd, 2017 / Mindy Schoeneman / 0 comments

SEO this, SEO that Have you been following along with our series of articles on SEO? A brief recap on what we’ve covered so far: Content is vital to ranking well, and well-written content will also help you reach your goals. Backlinks are like neon signs pointing to your website that say, “This is a […]

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A Look Behind the Design for the Denver Analytics Forum Event Website

August 22nd, 2017 / Marisa Porter / 0 comments

We at Wapix are so honored to have designed and built the website for the event we are hosting in partnership with Tech4Good Denver: Google Analytics for Nonprofits. The first-build version was built around the idea of the upward rise Google hopes you’ll see in your analytics. It was a bit stark and used bright […]

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Ten Things To Consider When Selecting a Member Database for your Nonprofit

August 15th, 2017 / Gerry Rasel / 0 comments

Gerry Rasel speaks from experience when it comes to selecting databases. In fact, the whole team at the Colorado Nonprofit Association has put a lot of effort into making their high-traffic system work fluidly for front-end and back-end users. Quite a feat when you consider the complexities an organization like theirs requires. Thank you, Gerry, […]

how to create beautifully responsive emails in mosaico for civicrm

How To Use CiviCRM’s Mosaico Extension To Create Responsive Emails

August 10th, 2017 / Marisa Porter / 5 comments

At Wanna Pixel, Inc., we have been excited about Mosaico, a drag and drop email builder native to CiviCRM, for quite awhile. Most designers and nonprofit staff alike have struggled to use the CiviCRM mailing feature to create responsive email campaigns. Three years ago, I wrote an article about the responsive template I created for CiviCRM […]

Picture of someone on a computer uploading images from their camera to their blog and optimizing for SEO while drinking coffee.

SEO Part 3: Optimizing Your Images for Users and Crawlers

August 1st, 2017 / Mindy Schoeneman / 0 comments

SEO-Friendly Images Who doesn’t know the quote from Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come.” While it’s a throwback to 1989, the sentiment is something that often still prevails today in the business and nonprofit world. Unfortunately, building a website and hitting the publish button isn’t enough to bring in visitors. You […]

how to use font awesome in your designs

How To Use Font Awesome In Your Designs

July 26th, 2017 / Marisa Porter / 1 comment

Sometime after I started using Font Awesome on my websites, I was overjoyed to learn how to use them in designs. It’s pretty cool and very easy. (See my tutorial on how to use font awesome on your site). Step 1: Go to this page And click download. When the box pops up, click […]

how to use font awesome in your site

How To Use Font Awesome On Your Site

July 26th, 2017 / Marisa Porter / 1 comment

If you love SVGs, you probably have already discovered the beauty of Font Awesome. If not, here’s a little tutorial for how to get beautiful, scalable icons on your site without going through all the hassle of creating SVGs. It’s also more secure. Because it’s a font and not a graphic, the CSS can be […]