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Titania Porter

Writer and Support

“To me, life is all about relationships. We are here to bless, help, and support each other. Technology is a tool that increases my ability to do that exponentially.”

With 14 years’ experience teaching middle- and high-school students, WannaPixel Writer Titania Porter knows how to turn a steep learning curve into easy-to-learn, step-by-step processes. Tackling document process flows for Wanna Pixel, CiviCRM, and UkuuPeople, she turns complicated text into easy-to-understand communications that enable our clients to accomplish the good work they’ve set out to do.

Wanna Pixel’s resident jack of all trades, Titania has a background in technical writing and a flair for the creative. She appreciates the variety that comes with merging technology with social-good organization, with just the right skill set to balance detail-oriented focus with big-picture creativity. “This might be strange, but I really love pinch-hitting when it comes to a time-crunch and there’s some repetitive task that doesn’t require the brains of the technical experts I work with.”

Based in Pensacola, Florida, Titania is an inventor at heart and brings a breadth and depth of real-world experiences to the WaPix team. Aside from her talents making the seemingly inaccessible accessible, some say Titania’s superpower might be a psychic ability to read people’s minds and gauge their emotional temperature.


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