team member

Sara Raab

Client Support

“If I had a professional motto, it would be: ‘My job is to make sure everyone else can do their jobs.’ That’s exactly what I’m doing here.”

Client Support Specialist Sara Raab’s role is about as straightforward as you can imagine: she helps our clients solve problems. Having spent years in the nonprofit sector and worn many hats in nonprofit work besides technology—from accounting to marketing to Human Resources to event planning—Sara understands what organizations need from their technology, and why.

For those working in the social-good industry, merging high intentions with technology is crucial. And Sara wants to make the most of a nonprofit’s potential using what she calls our most valuable and non-renewable resource: time. “Technology helps us work smarter, faster, and with more time to focus on decisions and priorities that matter most.”

Based in Denver, Colorado, Sara has always been drawn to behind-the-scenes work. And the diversity of the Wanna Pixel team and of her clients’ particular needs pose exciting possibilities. “I’m an intensely curious person, so I love the challenges and learning experiences you can only encounter when you’re surrounded by different perspectives.” Sara has demonstrated myriad talents supporting our clients’ needs as they do good in the world. But she has a few superpowers of her own: “I can make food grow right out of the ground. And also I can whistle with my fingers.”