team member

Nate Porter


“I like to think that we empower the people who make the world a better place.”

As Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Porter tries to make sure all the different components of the Wanna Pixel operation are working together and moving forward. Meeting with clients and brainstorming creative solutions to problems are only some of the aspects Nate enjoys in Wanna Pixel’s work and mission. “Technology is a multiplier. It allows people to magnify their effort and their message to an exponential degree. As such, it is an incredible force for good.”

Based in Denver, Colorado, Nate can trace his history with technology companies to a sledding accident that occurred when he was 17, in which he broke his spine. It forced him to re-evaluate what he wanted to do with his life. An opportunity came up to work at a computer software company as a first-level phone operator, and Nate jumped at it. “In the first year there, I somehow sold a bunch of projects and was promoted to a sales position. In the course of business, I learned everything I know about technology and have started three technology companies since then.”

Technology is deeply woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Anyone who does not have it or utilize it, Nate points out, is at an incredible disadvantage. And along with technology comes a rapidly diversifying world, where cultures and thinking are shared easily and instantaneously. “How can we serve the world without having diversity of experience and perspective inside of our own team? I would love for our company to reflect the diversity that exists in the world.” Nate’s superpower, some say, is his ability to bring our world closer together.