Mindy Schoeneman

“My favorite part of the job is writing in a way that balances the human experience with SEO and strategy. I love the challenge of bringing all three together.”

Wanna Pixel Writer Mindy Schoeneman crafts content that is both SEO-friendly and people-driven. Interviewing dynamic members of the nonprofit community, researching trends and touchpoints, producing engaging stories, Mindy takes pride in the storytelling, whether it’s through blogging or social media.

Writing from her home in St. Louis, Missouri, Mindy believes in the power of a good story and the role of technology as an effective way to magnify a client’s message. She sees the word-of-mouth approach as essential to reaching a wider audience and building trust in an organization or brand. “Utilizing the connectedness of technology and the internet is a must for building credibility and trust.”

The Wanna Pixel team features a variety of talents, and Mindy brings writing skill and savvy to each project, highlighting our clients’ strengths and spotlighting what sets them apart from the pack. “I’m a very empathetic person. This helps me do a better job of putting myself in the shoes of the person who will be reading what I’m writing.” And while talent as a writer might make her stand-out, Mindy’s real superpower seems to be invisibility: her words make her clients shine.