team member

Marisa Porter


“As a coder, I understand the science of the web, and as a designer, I recognize the importance of usability and visual communication. I can bring the two worlds together.”

Marisa Porter is also Wanna Pixel’s co-founder along with CEO and husband Nate Porter, she speaks the language of designers and of developers, two groups who sometimes have a hard time connecting or creating together.

Marisa’s expertise with design and development make her perfectly suited for Wanna Pixel’s mission, and her commitment to nonprofits keeps the work soul-satisfying. Knowing how crucial technology is to the social-good industry, Marisa recognizes the challenges that many clients face. “The nonprofit industry has extra resource challenges when it comes to up-to-date technology.”

Though she works in Oklahoma City, OK, Marisa loves finding great writers and designers to add to the WaPix team—from around the world. “You are only as strong as you are diverse. Diversity in both talent and background is so important for both excellence and empathy.” While her talents for leading Wanna Pixel and helping nonprofits do more good in the world are well-known, Marisa reveals her true superpower to only a few: “Holding plank for three minutes.”