team member

Kelly Kulp

New Media Manager

“In a nutshell, technology can help you multiply the limited time and efforts of the good work that your nonprofit is up to.”

New Media Director Kelly Malefyt Kulp is all about communications. Working to provide helpful resources for Wanna Pixel’s nonprofit friends and clients, Kelly creates effective content strategies and manages our content schedules to bring about the most relevant and helpful information in the tech-for-good industry.

Kelly provides expertise in a variety of channels, from social media to websites to blogging. “I’m passionate about serving our clients well and helping to make Wanna Pixel a place that you can rely on for trusted and valuable tech-for-good information and services.”

Based in Lakeside, Montana, Kelly brings a longtime commitment to social good. She’s worked with and volunteered for nonprofits all over the world—in the United States and abroad in Malawi, Honduras, Spain, and Cambodia. “When you work for a nonprofit, you better be ready to wear many different hats. It’s amazing to see how now I can bring all this experience and knowledge together to help our nonprofit clients.” Kelly clearly has mad skills with new media, but her superpower seems to be the ability to draw people into community and make them feel welcome and accepted.