Kate Hannigan

Writer and Editor

“There are certain universal experiences that people respond to in stories. Kindness and rooting for the underdog are two of them.”

Writer Kate Hannigan likes getting to research and write about a variety of subjects—something she does as a children’s author and as a Wanna Pixel freelancer. Researching about nonprofits and social-good organizations, she crafts blog posts that help agencies tell their stories and share the underpinnings of the good work they’re trying to do in the world for those who need it most.

“I’ve been drawn to social-good efforts my whole life, starting after I left college and enrolled in adult-literacy tutoring until now, where I tutor refugee moms in my community.” This enthusiasm for nonprofit work has helped Kate tell clients’ stories and showcase their achievements.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Kate enjoys writing about ways nonprofit organizations can accomplish their goals and impact an even wider population. “Lots of people and organizations have fantastic intentions. But if you cannot reach your audience, you can’t effect the change you want to see in the world.” Kate’s strengths lie in storytelling, but her superpower happens to be parallel parking.