team member

Joshua Porter

Project Manager

“Technology is crucial for the social good industry because it dramatically increases productivity and allows for a personalized approach to member management.”

As Project Manager, Josh Porter is the one who tries to keep the wheels turning at Wanna Pixel to ensure that all our clients are happy and satisfied. With over 20 years’ experience as a teacher and school principal, Josh understands what it takes to bring all the moving parts together to make a system not only work but thrive. Based in Pensacola, Florida, Josh taps his decades of organizational acumen to manage WaPix’s projects and workflows, making sure that things are completed on time and on budget.

A key player at WaPix, Josh loves collaborating with the diverse talents that make up our team. Because Wanna Pixel provides a variety of different services, we bring a variety of skill sets to the table. We encourage our team members to share their expertise, perspectives, and opinions. “Customer service is improved when we can confer with and double-check one another.”

A volunteer with Big Brother Big Sister of Northwest Florida, Josh is committed to social good both on the clock and off. And while his strengths involve delivering quality work to clients around the world, Josh’s superpower just might be his ability to work with time zones that are 12 hours apart.