Aniessh Sethh

“Technology increases visibility of what even a small group of people are doing, which results in motivation for the rest.”

Wanna Pixel Web Developer Aniessh Setth says getting his fingers back into the open source world, where original source code is freely available and modified—and getting paid for it—are his favorite parts of the job.

Technology is crucial for the social-good industry because it provides a window into charitable giving, allowing others to see what can be accomplished when a handful of people make an effort together. “Social good has always been in the world, but it has been largely limited to few insanely rich people giving money.” Aniessh helps WaPix change that dynamic by creating and maintaining that important window.

Based in Faridabad, a small town near Delhi, India, Aniessh provides the WaPix team with not just web development but also DevOps, which is a software engineering practice unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). “When people see their peers donating say $20 to XYZ nonprofit, it kind of sets a chain reaction that it’s not about giving away millions, but $20 is also substantial if 100 people . . . give it.” Aniessh’s superpower? Turning code into good works.