Drug Free Pennsylvania

DrugFree Pennsylvania (DFPA) is a statewide nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization that creates healthier communities by educating individuals of all ages and providing workplace solutions through programs that prevent substance abuse. They accomplish their mission through influencing healthy choices and lifestyle changes and striving to make Pennsylvania a safe place to live, work, play, and learn without the undue influences and effects of substance abuse.

DrugFree Pennsylvania wanted a redesign, not only of their site, but also of their social media strategy, their SEO strategy, their email campaigns, their event promotion, and their branding. And they wanted a data migration of their existing database content to CiviCRM.

Wanna Pixel, Inc. (then Arete Imagine, Inc.) focused on earned media and organic traffic from search and social media instead of on paid media for traffic. All program websites were converted to responsive, mobile-friendly sites, and email campaigns were translated to responsive, mobile-first templates. Systems for better preparation and promotion cycles for key events and milestones were implemented. And their website was converted to one run on a CMS that was the central management system for all relationship tracking, social media content, email campaigns, and content creation.

Since the media generated organic traffic, by that virtue it was compelling and relevant, and earned sustainable visits (lower bounce rates).  

  • There was a 4,000% percent increase in engagement, a 1,000% increase in weekly reach, and a 21% increase in audience on their social media pages.
  • There was more than a 900% increase in site visitors over a 6 month period
  • 630 users registered on the WorkPlace Solutions training website
  • 103 contact form submissions were received across all sites
  • A one-month snapshot comparison of site visits shows 1,791 pageviews in one month, versus 127 pageviews in a single month the previous year.

We migrated their data into a system that tightly integrated with their web properties, a central location that managed each program’s constituent relationships. This new database management system handled all membership management, event management, donor relations, contact activity tracking of all kinds, email, SMS and email marketing, reporting, and workflow automation.